What we read: Preventing breast cancer, fish oil, depression at work and more

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It seems there are new breakthroughs and interesting findings every week in the world of health. Here are just a few of the interesting stories we read this week:

Breast cancer diet

breast cancer

A federally funded study found that women who lowered the fat in their diets, while eating healthier foods, had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer than those with higher-fat diets.

Source: USA Today

Processed foods

processed food

As more and more ultra-processed foods make their ways into our diets, the obesity rate in nation grows. A new study says a diet full of ultra-processed foods drives you to overeat.

Source: NPR

Is fish oil beneficial?

fish oil

Fish oil pills are used by millions of Americans, but do they actually provide any value?

Source: Vice

How to deal with depression at work


Around half of the workers in an American Psychiatric Association survey had concerns about discussing mental health issues at work.

“In an ideal world, you should be able to disclose a mental health issue without being discriminated against,” says Darcy Gruttardo, director at the Center of Workplace Mental Health. “But the reality is we don’t live in that perfect world.”

Source: Yahoo

Face mites


Tiny mites known as Demodex or eyelash mites are living in the pores of everybody’s face. They’re only 0.3 millimeters long and described as “stubby little worms” by entomologist Michelle Trautwein.

Source: NPR

Facebook AI


Facebook’s highly detailed population maps could help health organizations and researchers battle disease outbreaks or plan public health campaigns.

Source: Engadget

CBD effective fighting addiction


A new study from the Addiction Institute of Mount Sinai says cannabidiol could treat opioid addiction. Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and hemp.

Source: CNN

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